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my career began in 1997 in Jerusalem

making my way through the industry of artistic lighting.

developing my skills of designing and programming in hundreds of events.

gaining experience in all sorts of types of events over the years.

working in Israel's most leading nightclubs to high profile weddings with demanding programming. working on events such as large tv live ceremonies, bands, theatres and music concerts for the top leading artists in Israel such as "Shlomo Artzi", "Avraham fried" and many great ones that you can find in this site's gallery.

programming and system design for the big and important events in Israel such as Israel's main ceremony for independence day.


as the main lighting designer for a big lighting sound and multimedia company in Israel called "SIMUL"  gave services to a lot of corporate events for companies such as GOOGLE, AMAZON, MICROSOFT, PAY-PAL, BINAT, ELAL, TAPWARE.

working with Israel's top leading production companies such as promarket, target, sky production and many more.


available services :

  • expertise in all types of events

  • programming and pre-programming for lighting and video on site or in studio

  • "Autocad","SketchUp","ma 3d" and  "CAST WYSIWYG"  2D and 3D plots and simulation.

  • merging lighting console with media servers (ma vpu, hippotizer, resolume, arkaos)

  • TIMECODE programming and recording

  • lighting gaffer

  • project management

  • programming lighting consoles for lighting designers (grand ma lighting 1,2,3,dot2, vector compulite, chamsys, spark4d, avolites)

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